Holiday edition


I'm just back from Berlin! One place I visited was the Jewish Museum. It has an interesting section dealing with the causes of anti-Semitism. It refers to the way the Christian Church blamed Jews for the death of…

Sunday sermon 10/05/15

Acts 5:17-42 Nothing can stop God’s Word   Did you see on the news last week the story about the unstoppable pizza delivery man? Josh Lewis’ car was stolen as he was stabbed in the back. He suffered a collapsed lung,…

Sunday sermon 3/5/15

Acts 5:1-16      
God’s judgement upon sin leads to fear and faith

Last week the controversial executions of prisoners convicted of drugs offences in Indonesia provoked strong emotions. An Irish priest who visited the prison on the day of the executions…

Sunday sermon 26/04/15

Acts 4:32-37        Relational and doctrinal unity shape service within the early church
If you own a Smartphone, and go to your settings, you’ll see many processes running at the same time. There must be a piece of software or…

Sunday sermon 19.04.15

Acts 4: 23-31 Focussing on God strengthens us and helps us persevere

Intro Do you ever have days where you hit the snooze button twice, three, maybe even four times? There are times when you have to dig deep to…

Sunday sermon 22.03.15

Acts 3:11-26 Peter takes the opportunity to announce God’s purposes in Christ
Introduction I noticed many businesses took part in the St Patrick's Day parade last Tuesday. It was a great opportunity for them to promote what they do and…

Sunday sermon 15/03/15

Acts 3:1-10 Jesus has authority to deal with sin and reverse its effects
In the mid-1960s, Australian athlete Reg Spiers found himself stranded in London with no money to buy a plane ticket home. Desperate to get back to Australia…

Sunday Sermon 22/02/15

Acts 2:36-41 Repentance towards Jesus brings salvation

Nowadays if you have a question, you just type it into a computer and you can find the answer in seconds. Some questions are more trivial than others. Today, our passage answers the…

Sunday sermon 25/01/15

 Acts 1:12-26 Jesus’ followers humbly obey him
When he was very young Roger Federer, perhaps the greatest tennis player ever, used to have a temper problem. He described himself in his junior years as a “hothead”. He would erupt after…